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    Come to the Nature Island!

    Beyond Vitality Nature Camp is a family run, off the grid accommodation in the rainforest, offering adventure excursions, holistic health and nutrition services and a unique sustainable living experience.

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    Nutrition Consultations

    No matter where you are in the world, we can help you achieve vibrant health.

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    Work Exchange Program

    Travel throughout Dominica discovering tropical rainforests, volcanoes, hot springs, national parks, an ancient indigenous culture and the beat of Caribbean life!

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    Baby Food Introduction Program

    Learn the what, where, when, why and how to feed baby and getting a healthy start.

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    Permaculture Design Certification Course

    Our home here at Beyond Vitality Nature Camp has been set up to use, promote and share ideas that are related to the principles of holistic health and sustainability, inclusive of Permaculture.


Join our community of thousands of amazing like-minded, conscious individuals. We will share all of the sweetest tips and tricks of the trade, and exciting happenings at Beyond Vitality. Plus a bonus FREE GIFT! One love.

About Us

Welcome to Beyond Vitality – a health and nature retreat based in the Caribbean, that offers online holistic health, nutrition and fitness services! We educate individuals and families to gain control of their health and happiness by going back to basics with real food and holistic living!




Our Services

Beyond Vitality is the holistic picture of health – we consider nutrition, as well as lifestyle factors within our programs. Learn how to make changes that put you in control of how you feel every single day.




Online Programs

Our programs focus on small and gradual changes towards long-term and sustainable health. We want to show you that a healthy and holistic way of life is accessible, simple, and approachable! From PCOS to Family Nutrition, health awaits!




The Beyond Vitality blog is a great resource for educating, guiding, motivating and inspiring you into a new and exciting journey to vibrant health! From articles to recipes to workouts, a holistic way of life is within your reach!

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5 Recipes a Successful Workout

The most successful workout is accomplished through 5 easy concepts that you need to consider. Sure strength, power, and endurance are the common things you will think of and see with most articles, but there is more to this than you think. The purpose of a workout is to receive benefits some way ...

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5 Simple Green Upgrades That Will Make You Happier

It's no small secret that a little greenery can improve your mood. An eco-friendly life style can be good for both the body and the mind in a variety of ways. Whether you're looking for peace of mind or just want to feel happier about yourself, a few easy green upgrades are exactly what you need. ...

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Can Mother Earth Solve All of Our Beauty Problems?

With everyone focusing on living greener and healthier lifestyles, some people forget that what they apply to their bodies should be organic and natural as well. Knowing what your favorite lotions, body creams, shampoos, and conditioners are made of is just as important as what you consume. You have...

Health is Good, Beyond is Great. The way life should be embraced!

Our Approach to Health


Health is not merely the absence of disease. We strive to achieve, not just good health, but great health! Beyond Vitality encourages you to take control of your own health by providing you with the tools and knowledge to do so.

Don’t fall victim to illness.  Reclaim responsibility for your health. Achieving vibrant health does not mean you need to go through the frustration of dieting, hours exercising or the elimination of every food you love! Stop the vicious cycle and learn true health – holistic health.

The term holistic health comes from the word whole, meaning complete.  Holistic health emphasizes balance, which includes all aspects of a person’s health – physical, psychological, social, economical, and cultural. 



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