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How Indoor Pollution Can Affect Our Health

detoxification home & body care sustainable living Dec 08, 2021

After living in the aftermath of a hurricane, we were displaced and lived in government housing for several years. The house was old and the people living there prior to us were smokers. The HVAC heating system had not been properly maintained, and we had to get some mold in the basement wall remediated. To say the least, it was difficult for us to recover from an already compromised nervous system and immune system after the recent traumatic event we’d experienced. 

I developed all sorts of "labels", like Fibromyalgia, Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, Depression, trouble breathing and sleeping, coughing, wheezing, and sinusitis (itchy eyes/nose/congestion) - my body took a toll, and my children and husband eventually developed typical mold illness or “sick house syndrome” symptoms as well. We noticed the difference in our health after we spent some time away from our home for a long period of time, and then returned in the fall. We felt well until it got cold and we had to shut our windows and begin using our HVAC heating system - which we suspected was blowing dust and mold spores into our air - as we broke out into serious “sneeze attacks”, sinusitis, coughing and wheezing again. It was a very frustrating experience, not to mention this occurring during the pandemic and housing crisis. Leaving the environment which was making us ill was easier said than done. 

To heal from mold illness, the first step I always tell my clients is to leave the moldy environment. But now, with lived experience, I know first hand this isn’t always possible right away! 

So what is one to do? The answer is air purification. If you can’t leave or change your immediate environment today, do what you can to improve it. 

We got a quality, industrial HEPA air purifier. This was always something I’d heard my colleagues and experts talk about as the latest biohack, but I’d never had the need for it when we lived in the Caribbean, with a warm breeze of fresh air constantly running through our home. 

Well, now I did and it was INCREDIBLY urgent, and helpful! I kid you not when I say that from the minute we plugged in our new air purifier, I have not experienced any sneezing, sinusitis, coughing, or wheezing, and neither has my family! My husband and I literally looked at each other in disbelief, at how instant the cure for our “dirty” home air was. 

So naturally, after hearing about this purifier, and doing my own hours of in debt research, we invested in an AirDoctor, and never looked back. It was a huge weight off my shoulders, when the urgency of leaving our home was diminished, once we could breathe, sleep and think better again after we purchased this air purifier. I even started being able to work from home again (after a 3-year hiatus), once my symptoms disappeared and my cognitive health improved (hence why I am passionate about sharing this with you)!

It's so important to ensure our family is breathing non-toxic air in the home.

This is the AIR PURIFIER I RECOMMEND (Canada and USA).



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