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Are you ready to restore your vitality? 

I am... and my goal is to guide and support you through the journey,
how ever that may be, so you can create healing for your family. 



Before you go down the rabbit hole of diets, there are some pieces that you should consider first and foremost. The fundamentals...

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Health is good. Beyond is great.

Beyond Vitality was born from a vision to contribute to a better world by restoring health for generations to come. I believe that mothers and their families are meant to experience optimal and vibrant health. I am here to help support that. We are good enough to be great!

What Beyond Vitality means...

Shifting our paradigm.

Living a life beyond simply being vital-ity (alive) on auto-pilotWhen we make shifts to our current reality, we move past our societal conditioning, programming and limiting beliefs, and closer to our truest, most vibrant self. We aren’t just here to survive. Our birthright is to thrive!

“Thoughts become words, words become actions, actions become habits, habits become your character and your character becomes your destiny.” ~ Tao Tzu

The 4 Pillars of Beyond Vitality


We stand for a life of meaning, in connection with self, family, and the natural world around us, which we are a part of. The foundation of Beyond Vitality is based upon: 

Health    Family    Nature    Food


For those of us trying to “do it right” (spoiler alert: there is no “right), we are met with challenges in all four of these areas on a daily basis. Our life is ever shifting, changing and growing, as our approach to health and parenting should be. It can be daunting to try to do our best, and keep up. As a mother myself, I feel you!

I believe we mothers deserve an integrated health philosophy for ourselves and our family - not a one-size-fits all approach.

I devour holistic nutrition and functional health books, blogs, courses and I share my favourite thoughts, ideas and methods with you. That is, after they’ve been put to the test in our real-life-lab: my family.

I read a whole lotta health stuff, but as an advocate for simplicity, I know that that level of consumption is a burden to most mothers and can leave us feeling more overwhelmed and confused than we were to begin with. Plus, there are many conflicting messages about what to eat and how to raise a healthy family. Sometimes it’s impossible to summarize all the wonderful theory into actionable, practical steps.

That’s what I’m here for. I want to transform the inspirational into doable for you, and be there to hold your hand.

Hi, I’m Sara! 

I guide and support mothers to restore their vitality and create healing for their families.

I have:

  • background as a nutritionist and mother – I know how it feels to juggle it all while raising a healthy family.
  • Experience as a former elite-level athlete and sports/fitness instructor.
  • Two homeschooled children…who eat their vegetables!
  • Served thousands of whole food meals to my family…on planes, on hikes, and while living in multiple cultures.
  • Restored my own, and my family’s vitality after surviving a hurricane and living the aftermath in our vehicle.
  • Vibrant health again after a traumatic experience, years of chronic depression/anxiety, hormonal issues, PCOS, autoimmune disorder, and PTSD.
  • Shifted from not being able to take care of my own children, to becoming a thriving homeschooling mompreneur again.
  • Built several family-minded businesses where my husband and I can both work from home…and eat well, together.
  • 15 years and thousands of meals of experience in healthy cooking, serving my family and nature camp guests…
  • …and a heart for serving my community (you, my dear readers!)
To learn more about me, read my bio here.

Get to Know my Family


Leading an uncommon life…

We’re Sara and Stephan. Spouses and business partners of 13 years, homeschooling parents of two spirited children, Skyla and Sadiel. Along with our dog Solstice, we are ‘The S Family’. We came from very different cultural backgrounds, merged as entrepreneurs, and now have children at home, which has kept us on our toes, and taught us a great life skill - resourcefulness!  

Choosing this out-of-the-box lifestyle has been one of the most rewarding decisions of our lives.

It’s also been one of the hardest.

We know all about having more dreams and to-do lists than we have time for, the need to work smarter not harder, experimenting to find cost-effective ways to keep our family healthy and put nourishing, whole food meals on the table, while maintaining a loving connection and playing with our children! 

How do you balance every day work load with having a healthy, intentional home life?

I wish we could tell you we’ve solved all of these problems and have the 5-step method to the perfect, healthy family. We can’t.

No one can tell you exactly what your family life should look like. Part of the point is that this is your bodyyour unique path. Your family’s incredible, uncommon, daring life.

Beyond Vitality is a place for unique families like ours, and like yours. We aren’t miracle parents. Far from it. Our kids get sick from time to time, we have those teary homeschool days and we get into food ruts.

But we’ve been on this journey a long time so we can share the knowledge we’ve gained along the way, through trial and error, and our real life experience, with real food, real health challenges, and real triumphs.

Read our full story here

The past decade has been quite a journey…

  • We were told I would never be able to have children because of my diagnosed hormonal syndrome. (now we have two - one born naturally, and the other born unassisted at home!) 
  • Combined we are from and have lived in 5 different cultures including Canada, Venezuela, Trinidad and Tobago, The Commonwealth of Dominica, and Costa Rica - a piece of each place has shaped our world view, how we raise our children and includes the traditional and indigenous knowledge we share with you. 
  • We left our small city apartment to live off the grid in the Caribbean and homestead with zero experience - Beyond Vitality Nature Camp was born.
  • We survived a category 5 hurricane in a closet, while our home crumbled around us. We were displaced and separated. This is when we started from scratch again.
  • We ate fresh and organic from our homestead to losing it all and depending on the Foodbank, but we figured out how to climb the ladder of health again. 
  • After serious illness and infection, our entire family did a comprehensive long-term protocol with ultimate results - it gave me my life back, and can do the same for you!
  • It’s been a core value as parents for our children to learn to nourish their bodies with real food. In fact, we’re guiding and supporting mothers and their families to stay healthy with our online offerings



Congratulations on taking your first step to better health! 

It is only when we take personal responsibility that we can truly begin to be healed. Learn how to make changes that put you in control of how you feel every single dayI am here to inspire, educate and guide you into a new and exciting journey to restored vitality!