Whole Food Recipes

Here at Beyond Vitality, we love to eat real food and good food!

Eat simply and eat together. It’s a good tradition.


In many cultures, mealtime is sacred. Families traditionally eat together. It provides a time to be connected. This helps us feel loved, safe and secure. Make mealtimes about being together, modelling healthy eating, family values, and traditions.

We are delighted to share our creations to help you nourish your body!


Kitchen tip:  The mess will be tenfold, and the time will be double, but there is great value in involving your entire family in menu planning, grocery shopping, and meal making. Cook with intention, put love into your food, and you will be amazed at the goodness you can create in your kitchen!

Breakfast & Brunch
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Broths & Soups
 Salads & Dressings
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 Mains & Sides
 Desserts & Baked Goods
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“Cook with love. Bake with children.” ~ Beyond Vitality


If we can, you can. 

All recipes are created with intention in our small home kitchen, or abroad on worldschool adventures, with simple local ingredients, always within reach. Use what you have. We’re not calorie counters, nor do we restrict good fats, carbs or proteins. I simply love to experiment in the kitchen with real food, creating nourishing goodness for the family.

I can assure you that every recipe is tested and Nutritionist approved and tried – by clients, by guests, and by my kids and hubby, who are brutally honest!