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15 Reasons to Hire a Holistic Nutritionist

holistic health & nutrition pain relief supplements sustainable living Nov 12, 2021

The goal of a Holistic Nutritionist is to help you discover the path that leads to a healthier, happier, and more energetic you!

Making conscious food and lifestyle choices can decrease your risk of developing many health complications, and has an incredible impact on your overall wellbeing. You can slowly begin to make positive changes – small modifications over time are more sustainable than trying to change everything at once. You may need some guidance and support along your journey. It is a good idea to get help from a qualified Holistic Nutritionist to make the most of your efforts and get the results you’re looking for.


15 Reasons to Hire a Holistic Nutritionist

  1.  Personalized health program made specifically for YOU – not one formula fits all. A Holistic Nutritionist recognizes that each and every one of us has unique needs and biochemical differences. Your program will be created based on your health concerns, your goals, your food likes and dislikes, also considering any food sensitivities or allergies, your lifestyle and real local food that fits your life, and your environment. 
  2.  Get to the root cause of your health problems. Don’t just mask the problem by turning to medications or pill-popping more supplements than food – there is nothing that nourishes your body better than real, natural food.
  3.  Need a cheerleader? If you’re stuck in a rut, a little inspiration, motivation, and guidance go a long way. It’s like having a personal coach, but with food – a little kick-start!
  4.  Digestion, absorption, assimilation! You could eat all the healthy foods in the world, but if your body is not processing them well, you won’t reap the benefits. Work to get your gut on track, and avoid post-meal symptoms like gas, bloating acid reflux, and indigestion.
  5.  Learn how to eat for prevention of disease, avoid pre-mature aging and cut your risk of developing other health complications. It’s much easier to prevent disease than to reverse it or manage the symptoms.
  6.  Strengthen your defense! Avoid always getting the latest cold or flu that’s going around – support and boost your immune system. Eliminate the need for constant off-the-shelf medications and antibiotics.
  7.  Improve your relationship with food. If you eat good food, you’ll feel great, and as a bonus – look great! Treat your body well and give it what it needs. When you learn to appreciate good food, you appreciate yourself, and the healthy, vibrant and powerful temple that you are.
  8.  Quality as opposed to quantity – a Holistic Nutritionist recognizes that food is so much more than calorie counting, or carbs, fats, and proteins, and even more than the vitamins and minerals it contains. Where, when, and how food was grown, the process it underwent to get to your plate, and the physical and psychological state you are in when you eat it all determine what kind of effect that food will have on your overall health!
  9.  The whole picture – mind, body, and spirit. Learn and practice the entire holistic model, which includes nutritional guidance and lifestyle factors, as well as your environment and thought patterns. A positive mind leads to a positive life and body.
  10.  No quick-fix diets or fads here. Stop depriving yourself, stop the binging – it’s a vicious cycle. Fad diets don’t work and cannot be managed long term. Strict diets only result in rapid weight loss, giving the “yo-yo” effect – a short period of fitting into your itsy bitsy teenie weenie yellow polka dot bikini again, and then more weight gain that leaves you craving everything in sight! By approaching health holistically, you can focus on what your body really needs, sustainably. With true health, weight loss naturally occurs, along with a number of other benefits like great concentration, glowing skin, increased energy, quality sleep, and balanced hormones – to the point that all your health problems have miraculously vanished!
  11.  Get recipes and meal plans catered to you. You won’t be left just eating spinach – you’ll be given three spinach recipes! ;) Along with your program, you’ll get easy, nutritious, yet delicious meal ideas, which will also encourage you to get in the kitchen and improve your confidence – soon you’ll be whipping up your own awesome recipes. Get creative! Eating healthy does not have to be bland and boring.
  12.  A Holistic Nutritionist does not advise you based on a food guide or pyramid, but on what is best for you. Government guidelines do not restrict us – we teach true nutrition and understand that this may be different depending on the individual. Learn about local foods, as well as different flavors and cuisine from around the world.
  13.  Holistic Nutrition is a positive field. Some personal trainers push us to the point of fainting, some bosses breathe down our neck until that deadline is reached, but a Holistic Nutritionist wants to teach you to appreciate and respect your body and yourself. Your nutrition consultations may become the calmest, most restorative, and inspiring part of your week.
  14.  Improve all the other areas of your life. Food is an integral part of your life. As your relationship with food improves, you develop a connection between food and well-being. A well-balanced diet improves your overall mood (good food = serotonin), and positive choices boost self-esteem and contentment. You are also able to cope with stress better. This has a positive effect on the other relationships in your life, from your loved ones to your hobbies to your workplace.
  15.  Learn what nutrient deficiencies you may have due to poor nutrition or medications you are taking. Use foods therapeutically; take herbs and/or natural supplements (if needed) to correct deficiencies. For example, one of the most common depleted nutrients in women is vitamin B6 from taking the birth control pill. A touted “hormone balancing” drug, a.k.a artificial hormones, is depleting the very nutrient needed for hormonal balance. Correct your body’s imbalances for true health. 

Plus a bonus - it’s a long-distance relationship that works. You can work with a Holistic Nutritionist no matter where you are. If you live in a rural, nutritionist-less area, or if your preferred nutritionist simply lives somewhere else, your program will not be affected. If you live on the other side of the world, Beyond Vitality can help you achieve vibrant health! Curious about what others had to say? Check out my approach here, as well as testimonials from my happy clients.

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