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Don't Rush Your Healing

nature connection spirituality trauma & mental health May 28, 2020

Don’t rush your healing.

Speaking for myself as well. I’ve been on the down-low in the recent months - PTSD, exhaustion, anxiety, illness...and winter. It was a long one.

Sometimes, life throws uncontrollable circumstances at us. But really, it’s about surrendering control. If we resist, it persists.

Lots of deep work - shamans, plant medicine, nutrition, circles & ceremonies, energy healing, supplements, nature connection, meditation, etc.

I had this expectation that I would be “healed” by now, that I was almost “there”. But really, where was I going?

Growth, learning, healing, wisdom - there is no destination, there is no magic pill. It’s a cumulative effect of everything; everything in the present moment. This moment of the journey. A perception switch.

Starting to feel more like myself again, as I remember who “me” is. My super human power is coming back - it was always there.

We’re all super humans, we’re all whole just the way we are - we just need to remember.

There are so many routes we can take to heal. Seek your own path, without shame. The work we do heals us, heals the ones around us, the ones before and the ones after us.

Speaking our truths and vulnerabilities is healing in itself. Let your words be medicine. For without being vulnerable, we cannot face our fears.

I’m feeling called to start sharing our journey again, to offer my words as medicine. I know that we aren’t the only ones living the human experience, that we are not alone in our struggles. Connection is powerful.

Unanticipated and uncontrollable situations - the human experience. But we can be better equipped to cope and build our resilience. It doesn’t have to take an incredible amount of energy to make it through.

It’s a perception change. I choose to surrender. I choose happiness.

Tell me what you choose!

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