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Frozen Nutty Banana Nibblers

desserts & baked goods gluten free kid-friendly plant based recipes snacks Feb 19, 2014

These little nibblers are a wonderful snack for your growing toddler. And if your child is like mine, they’ll be shouting “nana” and asking for more. Full of fibre, healthy fat and protein, you can feel good reaching for an extra nibbler or two. For an added bonus, these are super easy and fast to make. You can store them in the freezer so they are ready to grab at snack time.



5 medium ripe bananas

1 tbsp. organic creamy peanut or almond butter (or sunflower seed butter for a nut-free version)

1-2 tbsp. chia or seeds



Peel one banana and mash it with the peanut butter and chia seeds. Set aside. Peel the other four bananas. Slice into half-inch thick slices. Smear the banana, peanut butter and chia mixture on half the banana slices and top with the other halves, making banana sandwiches. Place on a wooden cutting board or a plate and freeze for at least two hours. Once the sandwiches are frozen you can store them in the freezer inside an airtight glass container.


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