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Is It Fair to Call Tiny House Dwellers Unsocial?

sustainable living Apr 06, 2017

Tiny house movement is a radical change that struck at the very root of today’s superficial living. It is an attempt to free people from the shackles of costly mortgages and a lifestyle that ultimately leads to nowhere. Leave these worldly problems behind, our mother earth is running low on resources and it is the high time when we should start thinking about saving for the future.

This is a guest post by Susy Bento, a passionate writer on renewable energy and sustainable living. We hope that you find it enjoyable and informative.


The reason behind the movement

Yes, it is the setbacks in the economy that forced people to think about it but environmental concerns are the most powerful force behind tiny house movement. It is hard to choose something that is simple and unceremonious.

Unfortunately, like every other positive change that mankind has witnessed till now, tiny house movement is also struggling with many misconceptions and critics lackluster inferences. It is not easy to appease the cynics.

Shrinking into a 400 square feet house from a 2500 square feet big house is not a commendable foot. A person or a family has to tone down every part of their living to get into a tiny living. For the people who are running low on budget and do not want their future to be burdened with bank loans, it is a fair deal. But there are many who are opting to this lifestyle because they have deep condemnations against the culture in their hearts that society promotes today.


Does a small house really make you unsocial!

When someone embraces a compact style of living, it is not easy calling friends and relatives to stay at your place. Your guests may not be in the mood of spending the night by sleeping in a not so cozy corner of your tiny home.

Asking your friend to sleep in a makeshift bed outside may sound awkward to him as you can hardly adjust him inside your tiny house along with other friends.

You have to forget about arranging big feasts during thanksgiving or in-house parties because your tiny kitchen cum living space is not suitable to handle it.

NOW, your children need their own space to hang out with their friends and invite them for sleepovers. Saying no to your child is something really difficult and it may affect their upbringing.

Again, if you are living with your partner, lack of space may also create trouble as we all need privacy at some point.

At this point, the entire picture looks grim and sad. It seems that living a tiny dream is not at all tiny but big thing.


Think differently and be creative

If someone wants to hang out with someone who lives in a tiny house must have due respect and ability to adjust in new environment. Just because someone owns a very small house with very little space they cannot be judged unsocial.

Are poor people who live in small houses unsocial? If the answer is no then the reasoning behind being unsocial is definitely wrong and superficial.

The owner of a tiny house dweller prefers doing things differently. Firstly, he believes in keeping things low key because he supports sustainable living. These houses are adopting renewable energy. On the other hand, a person can shift in a small house for some economical issues. In both cases, his friends and relatives must respect his decision. If you are a friend or relative of a tiny house dweller and cannot respect their decision then you should be called unsocial. It sounds cruel but me it is true. They have chosen this life and they deserve your understanding and support.

If you go to your friends or relatives space and expect to receive something grand then you must know that this is not the way to socialize.

Secondly, a tiny house dweller should incorporate creative ideas to make their tiny place source of bigger enjoyments. The Internet is flooding with ideas, through which one makes the best use of the space they have.

Yes, you cannot serve food on dining tables or give a separate room to your sister and her husband if they decide to stay the night. But the mantra is creativity. For example, invite people for a barbecue party, a party that is typically arranged outside.

Do not ask your guests to sleep outside alone rather sleep with your guests instead. Obviously, avoid such practices during the winter. Take ideas from experts and decorate the space you have around your home.

Arrange your home in a sense that gives you your privacy so that your partner or children do not have to feel any discomfort.

Life is not about what we possess; it is something far greater than that.


Photo Credits: Kick Vick


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