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Transformation in Costa Rica!

homeschooling spirituality travel Jun 28, 2018

We let go and trusted the flow as we once again packed up our bags and set off on a transformative journey to the jungle. But a different jungle!

I am OVERJOYED AND INCREDIBLY HONOURED to announce that we have embarked on a new transformative adventure in COSTA RICA!

After many years living close to nature and out of The Matrix, pure vida land feels like home to us, and honestly speaking, it had been calling us. Now we know why. We are adopting Pura Vida land as one of our homes away from home. 

This beautiful progressive country is known as a popular hotspot for world renowned transformational speakers, authors, spiritual leaders and paradigm shifters to gather, collaborate and co-create for a better world.

And that's exactly what will be doing here! We look forward to announce some exciting projects and collaborations that are brewing in our healers pot. For now, what we can say is we're excited and ready for this new chapter of our life!

Already, we've had the pleasure of co-creating and collaborating with Life Project Education, a grassroots holistic education center located in an intimate nature-rich community. Their unique education programs offer opportunities to explore the interconnected layers of humanity that are traditionally undermined in modern systems.

We will also be working side by side with Transformation Coach, Ariane Labelle, from Unf*ck Yourself Official, in facilitating some awesome retreats, fellowships and transformative online courses. Lots of surprises coming!

We are very eager to be joining forces with this revolutionary team of paradigm shifters, and absolutely ecstatic to share our story and journey as it unfolds.

Stay tuned. Perhaps we’ll see you in Costa Rica soon!


Photo credits: Synergida 

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