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I Got Really Sick After Trauma

community holistic health & nutrition spirituality trauma & mental health Sep 15, 2020

Truth and only truth. I got really really sick after my recent major trauma. I want to be authentically honest about it taking so long to heal. Several years. Healing the gut was good, but not the entire picture, meditation was helpful, but not the full solution.

The supplements, the food, the movement, the therapy, the plant medicine, the mindfulness - name it - I’ve probably done it. Everything I did mattered, a lot, but I didn’t get dramatically better overnight. It was little by little. There was no 5-step formula, no one healer that “healed” me, no magic pill, no specific method. It was a combination of everything I learned and applied, consistently, over time. Self-care had to become my priority, my ritual, and still is.

As a Holistic Practitioner myself, this was very difficult for me to take in. I had every judgement in the book, that “I should be better by now” and ”I should know how to heal this”…etc, etc. All the “shoulds” were completely irrelevant. It was difficult for me to accept that I wasn’t perfect, and that I wasn’t well, all around. My body was taking longer than my analytical mind expected, and I had no quick solution.

Self-validation and radical acceptance of the state I was in, the state my life was in, were actually the first part of the solution, the first “step” forward on reclaiming my power, my health, my life back. The resistance was allowing persistence. I am no longer a “curisma” (if you do “this”, it will “cure” that) practitioner. No practitioner will “cure” you, I will not “cure” you. You are the cure. I am here to help you remember that.

I am very optimistic when it comes to health, as a Nutritionist, but I’ve come to realize that healing is sometimes a very very long, complicated process, and maybe, we just aren’t ready to heal. I have always been, and still am even more of a health activist now, but when we are not ready to heal (yet), we just aren’t. It goes deeper than the physical. We are not ready to let go of our energetic state, the identity we are holding on to. I wasn’t ready to let go of my identity at the time. My mind, body, and spirit were not done processing. I thought my body was failing me, but truly, it was doing exactly what it needed to do to keep me alive after trauma and severe exhaustion.

I was forced to stop and check-in. Invited to connect with my deep knowing and discover a deeper level of myself. Now that I am re-emerging, I look forward to sharing the wisdom I’ve acquired along the way. Our body is brilliantly capable of healing - in its own time.

Accept, allow and trust the process.

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